7/10 Sam’s Point—Ice Cave/Waterfall Hike and Dinner


2 Options - Easy to Moderate and Moderate to Difficult


















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Drivers - YOU MUST make a 2pm ADVANCE  RSVP FOR PARKING —do it ASAP as this books up quickly!



I am pleased to announce a new event, one of two hikes at one of my favorite hiking

areas in the NY/NJ area, at the Sams Point Preserve.


We will have two hikes being offered, an easier hike to the Ice Caves or a solid  moderate hike to Verkeeder Falls, pictured above, followed by a light dairy dinner for all. See below for details.


Sams Point is about 90 miles - 100 miles from NYC, a solid 90 minutes to 2 hrs but its worth it, it has several wonderful features:


Verkeeder Falls -  Large Waterfall - one of the largest in NY, 180 feet tall! (Picture above)


 Ice Caves - so named because they can sometimes have ice in the summer!




I am still sorting out the hikes and so this may changes, but here is current  plan:


1. Moderate to Difficult  Hike - We will have the moderate hike for most folks, that will visit Sams Point, the Ice Caves and the Waterfall - this is about 7.5miles, about 4 to 5 hours and is a solid moderate hike that most people can do if you can easily walk 7 to 8 miles. Its one of the best hikes in the NY/NJ area, and is truly spectacular.


2.          Easy to Moderate Hike — this is  a 3.8 mile hike to Sams Point and the Ice Caves, with scenic views.




After the hikes, we will all meet up for a light pareve and dairy dinner. There are a limited number of afternoon 2pm parking RSVP spots for cars, so we may close out sooner than later if parking RSVPs sell out….



RSVP no later than Thursday Noon, July 7.


Directions and details will follow for those coming.  Rain in the forecast will cancel this event, though I might switch the hike to an easier shorter hike  closer to NYC in that event.




I will  try and arrange rides, but this is often the most difficult part of running my events. We will do it differently this time - I will send out  a list of drivers and where they are leaving from and you will be responsible to call and arrange your ride. If you want a ride, sign up early, since I want to send out the list of drivers out twice, once to those who register this week, and once after the deadline - the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to get a ride.


Drivers will be reimbursed for the trip, at a rate of $20—25  per passenger, depending on how many passengers you take. We do check with the drivers, so please pay them promptly upon entering the car. People who do not pay their drivers may be barred from a future event, so please come prepared with cash for the ride. The park has a $10.95 advanced parking rsvp fee , which is covered in the rate for rides for anyone who takes at least 2 passengers.




Date: Sunday, July 10


Location: Cragsmoor, NY—Sams Point Preserve - this is 90 to 100 miles from most folks in the NY area.


Leaving Time : Noon  from Manhattan, NJ and Northern Queens, 11:30 from Brooklyn and Long Island


Meet Time: 2:00 pm at Sams Point Preserve—don't come late!


Return Time : We may not leave till 8pm, so assume you wont get back till 10pm... -  this is one of the longest days of the year, so we will be out much of the day.




Early Bird through Noon Tuesday, July 5-  $20 per person, which includes our per event fee of $5 for books,  maps and supplies and the light dairy/pareve meal.


Standard Rate - till Noon Thursday, July 7 - $25 per person which includes our per event fee of $5 for books,  maps and supplies and the light dairy/pareve meal.



Ride Fee -


$20 to $25 per person for rides, paid directly to your driver (includes the parking fee) .



What do I need to bring?

Comfortable walking shoes, preferably hiking boots, 3 liters water ( bring extra for the car trip, so you have 3 liters at the start- you must have 3 liters for the hike start, otherwise you will not be able to go on the hike - it’s a somewhat long hike, and it will be hot!),  lunch, hat, suntan lotion, bug spray (optional)


I will supply a light dinner after the hikes.


See you there!


 Drivers - YOU MUST make a 2PM ADVANCE  RSVP FOR PARKING —do it ASAP as this books up quickly!







Early Bird Deadline  NOON Tuesday JULY 5








Fill out my online form.