Sunset at Haleakala Crater—January 2005 © David Brotsky


Directions - We will be within Lewis Morris Park in various locations.


270 Mendham Rd    Morristown, NJ 07960. We will be at a picnic pavilion in the park and final directions will be supplied to those coming. This is near Morristown, NJ, within 1 hr of Manhattan.


The park is a little more than 3 miles from the train station in Morristown and  it's a short uber ride away for those without an easy ride. Happy to coordinate people who need a ride onto the same train so you can uber together to the event. 


Please do not use GPS exclusively – it will get you only close to the park and not to the right place within the park, so print and follow along on the directions. Please note that there is a $10 per car entrance fee for the park, which is included in the ride fee when you offer to take 3 passengers or the van fee.



Here is a link to a google map to generate your own directions




For those coming hiking, you need to meet by 11:30 AM, for those going to  swimming and/or on the nature walk  you need to meet by 12:00 PM.


Driving Times

Manhattan, Riverdale , Monsey, Queens &  Brooklyn—1 Hr and 15 minutes

Teaneck & Passaic - 1 hr

Central NJ – 45 minutes

Long Island –  1hr, 30 minutes


Rides, Van & Train Option




We may try and arrange rides, likely via a google docs spreadsheet we will start to post as of Tuesday for those who register, so the earlier you register the easier it will be to get a ride— from our experience, we usually manage to get most people rides of some sort. The ride fee will be $20 round trip. For drivers who take at least 2 passengers, you will more than cover your driving expenses. Passengers, please pay the driver $20 when you enter the car. They are doing you a favor, so please have the money available in cash.



Van/Bus Potential


If we have enough people who need transportation but cant get a ride, we will see about a van or bus option, likely adding $25—$35 per person for transport to and from the event. We may also then send people on the train - see below. Let us know your preferences on the RSVP questionnaire.



Timing—this may change - stay tuned for final details


Hike—Meet by 11:30, all day hike at 12:00.


Short Hike/ Nature Tour—meet at 12, lunch and then walk around 1pm


Swimming—at additional cost - meet at 12.


Dinner—Meet no earlier than 3:30 pm, Dinner at 4:30/5:00 PM.


The event will likely end by 6ish and we will also daven mincha.


Weather and Rain Policy


Its too soon to tell the weather but will update as we get closer. We intend the hold the event unless steady rain will occur over the course of the entire day. No refunds unless the event is canceled. 




In order to complete your reservation, you must pay for the event in advance either  via check (postmarked by the deadline) or via paypal by the deadline at the top of this page. Failure to pay may result in your being unable to attend the event.




You may pay in one of two ways, via check or via paypal.


Via Check:

please send the payment/deposit , made out to “Davetrek LLC”


And mail it to the address in the rsvp form




In order to complete your registration, you need to have your payment postmarked no later than  Wednesday, August 10, 2022.  Failure to do so may mean you will not be able to attend the event.


Via Paypal


When you complete the  RSVP form selecting your activities, you will be directed to a paypal page and will be asked to log in and pay at PayPal’s site. Once  you complete the RSVP form and pay via paypal, you will be considered fully registered.


JULY Park Day!!

Hiking & Nature Walk + Kosher Dinner + Beach With Swimming*


 Sunday August 14, 2022  In Morris Township, NJ




EARLY BIRD DEADLINE                        Midnight Thursday, August 4




Main Event & RSVP Page


FAQ and More Event Details  

Fruit Picking is extra -  Fruit Picking—this will be nearby,  this year at the Wightman Farm, a 10 minute drive away. You need your own transportation to get there. According to the farm  peaches and nectarines  will still be in season.  All of the costs of Fruit Picking is extra.


Cost - $10 admission + $4 to $5 per lb for peaches/nectarines, depending on variety