Labor Day Weekend

 Isabella Freedman Retreat Center

Now With Rabbi Mottle Wolfe of Isralight!!

Thursday, Sept 2 - Monday, September 6, 2010

(Rosh Hashana begins 2 days later, on Wednesday Night, Sept 8)


RSVP Deadline  NOON SUNDAY, AUGUST  29, 2010 









Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
116 Johnson Road
Falls Village, CT 06031
Google map (860) 824-5991



Davetrek Adventures is pleased to announce our 2nd semi-annual weekend at the beautiful Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center,  situated near the beautiful Berkshires in Connecticut near the MA border, which is located 2 hours from New York City.




Isabella Freedman is a high quality kosher catered retreat center set on 450 acres, with wonderful grounds, and its secluded, with  a private lake, sporting (basketball, volleyball, tennis) and workout facilities, a swimming pool and hundreds of acres for onsite hikes and walks, as well as offsite hikes on the nearby Appalachian Trail.


There are also musical festivals in the area such as Tanglewood Jazz Festival & Music Mountain, museums, such as Norman Rockwell, The Clark and Hancock Shaker Village, and JewishFest, a Jewish music, art, craft and food show.


We also intend to offer a biking option for advanced and beginners on a paved, flat & scenic Rail Trail and a canoe and kayaking option nearby on the Housatonic River.


Singles, Families and Couples are welcome and encouraged to come.




 We just added a keynote speaker for the weekend, Rabbi Mottle Wolfe of Isralight! He’s a very charismatic speaker, an engaging story teller and a talented musician. In addition to lectures, Rabbi Wolfe & Tzvi Fishman will lead a Jewish Music and Storytelling Bonfire on Motzei Shabbat.


Rabbi Wolfe’s lectures will include:


Drash on Shabbat – Shofar So Good

Selichot - Being in Love means ALWAYS having to say you are Sorry

Sunday—The Joy of Judgment




Please note that the first night of Rosh Hashana is 2 days after Labor Day, on Wednesday Night, Sept 8, 2010. Please keep this detail in mind before registering, as we will not allow cancellations based on Rosh Hashana issues.  We also intend to have Selichot Services led by Tzvi Fishman on Saturday night, and Shofar and Selichot at morning minyanim on the weekend.




Since this is a large event with many details, we have links below to all of the key items, to make it easier to find the information you need.  I have some of the highlights below, as well as pricing at the bottom of this page.


Also, there are 3 levels of rooms, with private vs shared bathrooms, so keep that in mind when RSVP’ing. You can also come up Thursday night or Friday and leave on Sunday if that makes it easier for handling Rosh Hashana. We also have a new 1 night rate, for those who want to come up just for Sunday/Monday.


Please RSVP quickly, as this event will  likely sell out in advance.


Rates as low as $299 for Shabbat and $339 for the entire Labor Day weekend.


Final  RSVP deadline is Noon Sunday, 8/29. We look forward to seeing you at this event!


David Brotsky

President, Davetrek Adventures

The Retreat is located on a secluded 450 acre property, with a lake and a pond, 
and has the following amenities:
Field and playground with sporting equipment
Basketball court—1/2 court only
2 public computers with Internet available for use in the main building, and WiFi (Wireless Internet) available in the main building
Fitness center—Stationery Bike, Bench Press, Treadmill
Game room in main building - Pool and Board Games
Heated pool (open May – September)
Miles of hiking trails with paths that range from gentle to strenuous, and very close to the Appalachian Trail, where there will be hikes on Sunday
Pool Table
Tennis court
Theatre Space
A private lake for using free boats, fishing, and swimming—Canoes, pedal boats and paddle boats 

Events on the Weekend
Onsite—included in the weekend price, weather permitting
BBQ - Meat eaters & Vegetarians  	(Sunday Late PM)
Bonfire with Jewish Music               (Sunday Night)
Kumzitz—With Jewish Music          (Motzei Shabbat)
Hiking (on the Appalachian Trail)	(Friday, Sunday & Monday)*
Boating	(Friday and Sunday)*
Volleyball	(Friday, Sunday & Monday )*
Swimming	(Friday and Sunday)*
Lectures - Various Topics	(Shabbat & Sunday)*
Yoga	(Throughout the Weekend)*

* depending on interest and weather

Off Site  & Onsite- additional cost, weather permitting, depending on interest
Crafts Day - Drawing, Watercolors and other crafts ( depends on interest—if you can teach a craft you may be entitled to a reduced rate)
Biking on a paved, flat & scenic Rail Trail, 
Boating on the Housatonic River - Canoeing and Kayaking 
Tanglewood Jazz Festival & Music Mountain
Museums, such as Norman Rockwell, Hancock Shaker Village
Modern Art (Mass MOCA) and Impressionist Art (The Clark) 

All Off site events ( except hiking) & Onsite arts and craft events depend on interest and are in addition to the fees for the weekend. Click Here to visit a site with all the local Berkshires possible attractions that we have created. As we get closer, we will organize groups for some of these events, based on interest. 

We are also looking into arranging transportation for a fee for those without transportation to Magic Mountain, the Rail Trail Biking  and the Boating on the Housatonic. 

See the  main activities page and the musical  performances activities page for details.

Rooms, Availability, Cancellations and Refunds

 All Rates with a Thursday night option will have a $30 per adult/

$25 per child  surcharge unless at least 30 adults sign up for the Thursday night option.



Limited number of rooms at each available rate. Once this category is filled, you may need to take your 2nd choice. If neither your first or 2nd choice is available, you will be allowed to cancel without penalty. You may request a refund for 5 days after you RSVP or until August 2, 2010. NO REFUNDS GIVEN AFTER 8/4/10, except as noted in this paragraph. You may be able to switch your RSVP to another individual who has not yet signed up for the event, but this is subject to prior approval by Davetrek Adventures.

You must pay your balance by SUNDAY, August 29, 2010,

otherwise you will not be allowed to attend the retreat.

Singles will share a room unless paying a single supplement, and some rooms will be triple occupancy. Also, there are Deluxe rooms  with 3 beds, in which we will require you to have 3 people in the room. In addition, single supplements are limited in number and not guaranteed. We will determine single rooms no sooner than 7 days before the start of the retreat. 

*Couples seeking the basic room rate will need to be segregated by sex and stay in different buildings, as there are only two buildings available for the basic rate.

To hold your spot, you must make a $150 deposit ($300 couples, families).


See the Rates page for all details and pricing policies.

We hope to have 100 to 150 people for this event, with a balanced mix of singles, couples and families.

Singles, couples and families are welcome and encouraged to attend!  See you at the event!   


Rates & Policies: room & board and onsite activities; off site activities (except local hiking) & any craft classes will have additional fees. Times listed are for room access - as specified on the website for this event, you will access to facilities on the day you leave until 3PM. Rates are subject to change until you pay the deposit.


2 Day Rate - Friday, September 3 at 2:00 PM to Sunday, Sept 5 at Noon

3 Day Rate - either: Friday,  Sept 3 at 2:00 PM to Monday,  September 6, 2010 at 9:30 AM, or

(a) Thursday Night, 7:00 PM to Sunday, September 5 at Noon

4 Day Rate -   Thursday Night, 7:00 PM to Monday,  September 6, 2010 at 9:30 AM,


To see all other details of pricing,  go to Rates, Deposits & Payments




Standard Rates

Valid for RSVPs from 8/5/10 to 8/29/10


 All Rates with a Thursday night option will have a $30 per adult/

$25 per child  surcharge unless at least 30 adults sign up for the Thursday night option


Room Type


1 Day

Rate (Sunday Night Only)

per  person double/triple occupancy

2 Day Rate
per person for an individual, double/triple occupancy


2 Day Rate
per couple


3 Day Rate
 per person for an individual, double/triple occupancy


3 Day Rate
per couple


4 Day Rate
 per person for an individual, double/triple occupancy


4 Day Rate
per couple


Basic Room (dormitory style,  shared bathrooms) per person  2 to 3 per room (Single Occupancy, add $100 to the individual rate)











(see notes below)






(see notes below)






(see notes below)


Standard Room (cottages, semi-private bathroom) per person, generally 2 per room , family suites available 
(Single Occupancy, add $100 to the individual rate)





























Deluxe Room (Private Bathroom) per person, 
2 to 3 adults per room 
(Single Occupancy, add $100 to the individual rate)























Children - 5 to 15, per child (children under 5 are free; children 16 and older will be charged at the adult rate)