6/19 Biking, BBQ, Volleyball & Fun 



Bike Trail Meeting Location ( in Yorktown Heights)

 & BBQ Location (in FDR State Park)



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DIRECTIONS -  There are 3 sets of directions:


1) Bike Trail Meeting Location— one to where we are meeting in the morning ( 1. Bike Trail Meeting Location - Yorktown Heights, near the center of town) and

2) From the Bike Trail to the BBQ Location - FDR State Park ( 3 miles away) where we are having the BBQ and other activities.

3) BBQ Only—I also have directions directly to the BBQ, at the end.


The locations we are at for biking and the BBQ are about 1 hr north of Manhattan, and it takes an hour from everywhere to get there ( 1 hr 15 minutes from Brooklyn and 5 towns area of Long Island, and 45 minutes from Monsey - everywhere else takes 1 hr).





Here is a google maps link to the location here. It’s the corner of Commerce Avenue, Kear Street and Underhill Avenue, in the middle of Yorktown Heights,, right next to a Shell gas station and across the street from a small train themed park.


If using GPS, you can put in 1825 Commerce Street, Yorktown Heights, NY. Google maps shows the location of this address incorrectly ( one block off), so use this link to generate detailed directions for yourself.


Take your favorite way to get to the Taconic State Parkway and head north. See below for general ways to get to the Taconic, but once on the Taconic, skip to the next part.


Getting to the Taconic


The Taconic is above the Tappanzee, about 30 miles north of Manhattan. Take what you know, but here are some suggestions:


From Manhattan, the simplest way is to take the Hendry Hudson, into the Saw Mill. The Saw Mill eventually hits the Taconic.


From Queens and LI, you can take the Whitestone, to the Hutch, to the Cross County Parkway to the Saw Mill to the Taconic.

For those folks coming from Brooklyn, the quickest way is to either the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel/Brooklyn Bridge, get to the west side and take the West Side Highway into the Henry Hudson and into the Saw Mill to the Taconic.


From NJ, you can take the George Washington Bridge to the Henry Hudson North, to the Saw Mill to the Taconic.




You will be going on the Taconic for about little more than 10 miles.


Pay attention to exits as soon as you cross the Croton Reservoir on a bridge with red steel beams.


Take the Underhill Ave exit toward Yorktown Heights/Croton on Hudson—this is the 1st exit after the bridge over the Croton Reservoir.


Get off at the Underhill Ave exit toward Yorktown Heights/Croton on Hudson – this comes when you have gone  just a little more than 10 miles along the Taconic.


At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Underhill Avenue, which you will follow for about 1.8 miles.  Note your car’s odometer so you can measure the mileage and not miss the location we are meeting at.


At about 1.5 miles, you will pass a major intersection with Rt 118 where there is a traffic light.


 Continue along Underhill for another 0.25 of a mile or so, until you reach the next major intersection,  Kear Street, which is the next traffic light.


You will see a Shell Gas station at this corner on your left. At this intersection, Underhill Road becomes Commerce Street.


We are meeting in the parking lot of 1825 Commerce Avenue, with is the 2nd building on the left after the intersection, right next to the Shell Gas Station on the same side of the street. Directly across the street you will see the Railroad Park (there is a picture of a Train at the entrance to the park, and an old rail station in the park).


We are all parking at 1825 Commerce Street, but the bikes will be handed out in the parking lot across the street, right next to the trail, about 200 yards back, right at the light you just passed. Park at 1825 Commerce Street, and then come over to  register and get your bike!






FDR State Park is a 5 minute drive from the parking location, less than 3 miles away. We are meeting at Site 6CS, which is in parking area 6. Here is a map of the park also.  


Follow the directions below which will lead you right to the site. Essentially, you make a left and stay on Commerce avenue, which becomes Crompound Road/NY 35 WEST/US-202 W. See below for specific instructions.


 Note your car’s odometer when you start, so you can measure the mileage and not miss the entrance to the park. For those coming directly to the park, there is an entrance off of the Taconic that comes right into the park, the next exit after the Underhill Road exit. You can then find us in the park!


From 1825 Commerce Street, make a LEFT when exiting the parking lot, onto Commerce St.


In 0.2 of a mile, follow the road around to the left, to continue along Commerce Avenue. You will then go another 0.3 of a mile and reach a major intersection with Rt 118.


Continue through the intersection and  keep following along Commerce Road for 2.3 Miles. You will go up a large hill, past a school and past several traffic lights.


Note that Commerce Street changes its name to Crompound Road/NY 35 WEST/US-202 W, but just keep following the road. Pay attention to the next directions as you are about to hit FDR State Park and its easy to miss the sign.


 At the 2.7 mile mark from when you left the bike parking area, you will see a sign on your left side for the FDR State Park – the sign says ‘Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, truck and bus entrance”. Its right opposite Loretta Street on your right side, as you come down a small hill, and a sign for the Yorktown Jewish Center ( of all things!) is also on the same side at the intersection with Loretta Street.


Go into the park ( they are not yet charging admission, until next Sunday).


Make a right soon after entering the park and then make your first Left turn. You will see signs for Parking area 6. Follow the signs to Parking Area 6, and we are at Pavilion 6C on top of a small hill. There are bathrooms here, as well as volleyball nets and nearby basket ball courts. There is also a nice lake nearby and some walking trails that we will direct people to.



 3. Directions directly to the BBQ


If you are coming directly to the BBQ, you can follow the instructions for getting to the Taconic, and then continue on the Taconic for about 12 miles. Get off at the FDR State Park exit, which is the 3rd exit after the Croton Reservoir Bridge (the exits after the bridge are - Underhill Avenue, Baldwin Road and then FDR State Park.) We will be in the park, at site 6CS. Here is a google map link of where we will be located in the park.