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An excellent general source of information is http://www.berkshires.org/.

Below, we have selected out some of the information from this site for your use,

for the time we are at Isabella Freedman.

























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1.      Boating and Bike Rental - see below


2.      Kid and Family Activities (includes a nearby Zoo & Museums with            Child oriented exhibits)


3.      JewishFest, Music and Theatre ( Music – Tanglewood Jazz Festival &            Magic Mountain + Shakespeare & Co Plays)


4. Museums



1. Biking & Boating


Bike Rentals


Harlem Valley Rail Trail —EXCELLENT!


The Harlem Valley Rail Trail  is a former railroad corridor converted into a 10-foot wide paved, universally accessible, passive recreation path. The trail starts at the Metro North Wassaic Train Station, its flat and paved and goes by wildlife. It runs for about 10 miles, and you can do as little or much of this as you like - round trip would be about 20 miles, since its not a loop trail, just a one way  out and back.  Parking lots and restrooms are available at selected locations along the way. I may organize people for this on Friday, Sunday or Monday—indicate your preference on the RSVP Form.


This biking option will cost about $35 per person, plus you might be able to get transportation to this if you do not have a car, at an additional cost.



2. Boating—Canoeing and kayaking along the Housatonic


Clark Outdoors

163 Route 7, West Cornwall, CT 06796
(1 mile south of the covered bridge)
ph: 860-672-6365 • fax: 860-672-6543



Paddle a 6 to ten mile section of the beautiful Housatonic River in Northwestern Connecticut.
This section is a mixture of moving flatwater and easy whitewater and is suitable for novice paddlers.

The famous Covered Bridge in West Cornwall marks the halfway point for those doing the 10 mile trip and lunch is available at several places there. You may also bring a picnic lunch (no glass bottles please!), and stop at one of the many scenic spots along the river.

Prices - $60 per canoe, 2 to 3 people per canoe

       $35 per kayak, 1 person per kayak

We might also be able to supply transportation for people doing this for $15 per person roundtrip, for folks who don’t have cars or rides.




The Retreat is located on a secluded 450 acre property, with a lake and a pond, and has the following amenities:

· Field and playground with sporting equipment

· Basketball court—1/2 court only

· Volleyball

· 2 public computers with Internet available for use in the main building, and WiFi (Wireless Internet) available in the main building

· Game room in main building - Pool and Board Games

· Pool (open May – September)

· Miles of hiking trails with paths that range from gentle to strenuous, and very close to the Appalachian Trail, where there will be hikes on Sunday

· Pool Table

· Tennis court

· Theatre Space

· A private lake for using free boats, fishing, and swimming—Canoes, pedal boats and paddle boats


Events on the Weekend

Onsite—included in the weekend price, weather permitting

· BBQ - Meat eaters & Vegetarians       (Sunday Late PM)

· Bonfire with Jewish Music               (Sunday Night)

· Kumzitz—With Jewish Music          (Motzei Shabbat)

· Hiking (on the Appalachian Trail)    (Friday, Sunday & Monday)*

· Boating                                                  (Friday and Sunday)*

· Volleyball                                             (Friday, Sunday & Monday )*

· Swimming                                            (Friday and Sunday)*

· Lectures - Various Topics             (Shabbat & Sunday)*

· Yoga                                                       (Throughout the Weekend)*


* depending on interest and weather


Off Site  & Onsite- additional cost, weather permitting, depending on interest

· Crafts Day - Drawing, Watercolors and other crafts ( depends on interest—if you can teach a craft you may be entitled to a reduced rate)

· Biking on a paved, flat & scenic Rail Trail,

· Boating on the Housatonic River - Canoeing and Kayaking

· Tanglewood Jazz Festival & Music Mountain

· Museums, such as Norman Rockwell, Hancock Shaker Village

· Modern Art (Mass MOCA) and Impressionist Art (The Clark)


All Off site events ( except hiking) & Onsite arts and craft events depend on interest and are in addition to the fees for the weekend. Click Here to visit a site with all the local Berkshires possible attractions that we have created. As we get closer, we will organize groups for some of these events, based on interest.


We are also looking into arranging transportation for a fee for those without transportation to Magic Mountain, the Rail Trail Biking  and the Boating on the Housatonic.