Given the number of people coming, we will have a hard time arranging for rides. What we will do is we will send out  a list of drivers via google spreadsheet. Anyone wanting a ride will be responsible to contact the drivers on their own to try and arrange a ride. Rides will be $25 per person for a round trip. Anyone who does not secure a ride will need to use the train or the organized bus option.


We do not yet have the details for this service, but we  there is a small chance  wemight have a bus leaving from manhattan. We will not know until closer to the event. Otherwise, you can take the train or get a ride that we will attempt to organize for you.

The fare is likely to be $45 to $60 round trip, and the bus would likely leave no later than 2 on Wednesday and/or on Friday to ensure an easy drive up there. Stay tuned for details later in June on this. Indicate your interest on the RSVP form, linked above.

If we have enough people interested, we might do a smaller bus for folks coming up on Thursday Night. Let us know on the RSVP Form link above!


Isabella Freedman offers limited service to the retreat centere via a shuttle from the nearest train station, the Metro North Wassaic Station. It’s a 20 minute drive to Isabella Freedman from Wassaic Station. We can attempt a shuttle anytime we have 3 people or more taking the shuttle. The shuttle costs $15 each way, per person. PLEASE CONFIRM THE SHUTTLE WILL BE COMING FOR YOUR TRAIN A MINIMUM OF 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU COME—WE USUALLY GET CAR RIDES FOR 90% OR MORE OF THE PEOPLE WHO COME TO THE EVENT BUT IF NOT WE ALWAYS HAVE A TRAIN OPTION...When we need to send people via train, we generally only organize a shuttle for one of the train times below.

Train times are as follows ( please check here to make sure the times haven’t changed— select Wassaic as your end station):

Thursday and Friday July 3 & 4

Leave Grand Central             Arrive Wassaic Station ( 20 minute drive to Isabella Freedman)

11:47 AM                                     2:03 PM TRANSFER AT SOUTHEAST(AR 1:16 PM & LV 1:21 PM)          

1:47 PM                                       4:03 PM TRANSFER AT SOUTHEAST(AR 3:16 PM & LV 3:21 PM) -

Last Train in time for Friday on  7/4 (Candles 8:13)


On Thursday, you may also consider the following times...

3:43 PM                                       5:52 PM (no shuttle unless enough interest—only when Shabbat is late)

4:35 PM                                       6:43 PM (no shuttle unless enough interest—only when Shabbat is late)

5:19 PM                                       7:22 PM (no shuttle unless enough interest—only when Shabbat is late)


Sunday—Return Train Time

Shuttle - If we run a shuttle, it will leave after lunch, at 1:30 PM from Isabella.

The train from Wassaic leaves at 2:25 PM TRANSFER AT SOUTHEAST(AR 1:07 PM & LV 1:14 PM)

and arrives back at Grand Central at 4:43 PM.


When no shuttle is available, you will be able to take a taxi from the station— see below for details

The train fare is about $16 to 20 each way (peak vs off peak and it costs about $10 per child), and Isabella Freedman will charge $15 per person each way for a ride to and from the station, which is about a 20 minute drive from the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center.  The pickup times  to Isabella Freedman we are targeting ( only when 3 or more come on the same train) are either 2:05 and 4:05 on Friday and perhaps on Sunday, 10/7. PLEASE CONFIRM THE SHUTTLE WILL BE COMING FOR YOUR TRAIN A MINIMUM OF 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU COME—WE USUALLY GET RIDES FOR 90% OR MORE OF THE PEOPLE WHO COME TO THE EVENT...

July4 /Summer Only Train Shuttles

In summer, we also attempt to do a late shuttle for the 5:19 time on a Friday for those coming for shabbat, if there is enough interest on the RSVP Form.  If you want to take the 3:44 train and we do not have a shuttle available, see the section below on Taxis and late arrivals.

Also,  unless we don’t get enough people for a bus, I don’t think many people will use the train option since the round trip will be about $65 - 70 per person, whereas  the bus will be cheaper at $45 to $60  per person, once we know how many people, etc.

Car Seat Policy (as required by NY and CT state laws)

Adults must bring and hook up their own car seat or booster seat for any child under the age of 7 years or under the weight of 60 pounds. Due to state and federal regulations, any child who arrives at Wassaic Train Station or Bradley Airport without the appropriate car seat or booster seat will not be permitted to ride in a Freedman vehicle.


Lakeville Taxi, (860) 435-8000, is available if you can’t make the shuttle times on Friday, or you are coming up on Thursday Night.

Lakeville Taxi Reservation Policy

Lakeville Taxi is a reservation service—call (860) 435-8000 to leave a taxi ride message/RSVP for a taxi ride.


Taxi RSVP ride messages must be left before 5pm and must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your pickup.


Credit card information must be provided in order to secure your reservation.

Your card will be charged if you cancel a ride with less than 24 hours notice.

Shuttle Departs Airport

Approximate Arrival at Isabella Freedman





Shuttle Departs Isabella Freedman

Approximate Arrival at Airport



Labor Day - Isabella Freedman


Rides, Buses, Trains, Taxis & Directions


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· No arranged Rides and new item—organized buses

· Ride list will be available, but Organized buses or train service will likely be required for most people


There are a few ways to get to the place. Your own or your friend’s car, rides we help with, a metro north train and a  shuttle ride from the Retreat, or a bus at about $45—$60 per person.

Directions: See the Isabella Freedman Directions Site for all details of Directions, train schedules, and pickup schedules from the train.


Isabella Freedman Retreat Center
116 Johnson Road
Falls Village, CT 06031

Here is a google map link to Isabella Freedman,

so you can see where it is in Connecticut.


Simpler, shorter directions—via Michael Brochstein


Go north on the Henry Hudson Parkway and then on the Saw Mill River Parkway (which it turns into) until it's northern terminus where you will get onto Route 684 North.

Take Route 684 north to it's northern terminus and then merge onto Route 22 North.

In the town of Millerton, NY take Route 44 East and then later pick up Route 112 East to Route 7 in Connecticut.

Left on Route 7 (north) for a SHORT way. Right on Johnson Road. Isabella Freedman is on your right at 116 Johnson Road.