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Judah S. Harris in June 2010


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I am pleased to announce a new series of introductory photography classes in photography with Judah S. Harris, a friend of mine who is also a noted photographer. These classes are for all levels, from beginners to experienced photographers. You will all learn something new!


We are having a 3 class series in May & June. In these classes you will learn about the following topics:



· Tips for buying a digital camera, with recommended models!

· How to best photograph your friends and family and outdoor scenic shots

· How to use settings like exposure and shutter speed

· Methods to improve your shots, with individual critiques and tips about your pictures

· Introduction to photo editing using various software and web services like Photoshop &



  See the section below the ‘Class Schedule’, for an outline of each of the classes.

  Click here to go directly to the RSVP Form.



 Class Schedule


 Class 1The Basics of Digital Photography (Introductory Class)


 Tuesday, June 8 - 7 to 9:30 PM - RSVPs accepted until 6/5


 Class 2 - Getting Serious about Photography (Part l of II)


 Tuesday, June 15 - 6:30 to 9:30 PM – RSVPs accepted until 6/13

 (The class may have an outdoor shoot led by Judah, weather permitting)


 Class 3 - Getting Serious about Photography (Part ll of II)


 TBD, with the class participants





 All classes will take place at my apartment:


 206 West 99th Street, Apt 1D ( Between Broadway & Amsterdam).

New York, NY 10025


 All classes will also include a light pareve meal, at times based on items from my various cooking classes. Class 2 will also include an outdoor shoot in Central Park, weather permitting.


Classes are limited  to a maximum of 15 people per session and will likely sell out, so act quickly. We had an earlier version of the introductory class in the fall which filled up quite quickly so act fast!




 Here are more details about the photo series, class by class



Class 1 - The Basics of Digital Photography (Introductory Class)

How to buy  the right digital camera – what features are important, which are over rated, with recommended models in several categories.



o   Understanding  camera terminology andcamera settings (e.g. Focal Length, Shutter Speed,                ISO, etc)

o   Techniques for photographing people, events, and travel locations

o   Tips for better  composition

o   Software photo editing overview

o   When to use a film camera

o   Practice exercises to improve your photographic skills


 Items to bring to Class 1


 Camera  (if you own one, and please bring no more than one lens for the camera)

 Memory cards

 5-8 personal photographs in printed form only



Class 2 - Getting Serious about Photography (Part l of II)


o   Exposure,

o   Composition,

o   Lighting tips and how to use on-camera flash,

o   How to choose your best photos,

o   Intro to photo editing software, with some techniques and tricks!

o   Photo essay assignment and instructor review


 We may also have an outdoor shoot, nearby in Central Park weather permitting

Items to bring to Class 2

Camera (and if you have an SLR. one or two lenses for the SLR camera)
Memory cards
6 personal photographs in printed form only


Class 3 - Getting Serious about Photography (Part ll of II)


o   Image file types – comparing JPEG & RAW

o   Lighting and advanced flash use,

o   Depth of field – what is it, how to use it for better photos

o   How to create great portraits,

o   Street photography and approaching ‘strangers’

o   Outdoor photography, such as nature and landscapes

o   When to break the  "rules," for better photos

o   Tips  on how to best solve photographic “problems” (e.g. low light,  lack of obvious subjects to       photograph)

o   Developing a personal style,

o   Raising the quality of amateur photography using peer critiques,

o   Online class photo exhibit.

Items to bring to Class 3


Camera (and if you have an SLR. one or two lenses for the SLR camera)
Memory cards
Photographs from Class 2 assignment




Per Class


$35 per class until June 6

$40 per class thereafter



Special Rate for all 3 classes:


 $79 until June 6

 $95  thereafter





In order to complete your reservation, you must make a $10 deposit per person signing up for one class, and $20 deposit if you are signing up for the entire series, postmarked or sent to paypal by the RSVP deadlines above.


You will pay the balance of the monies at the event itself, via cash or check. RSVP deposits are refundable until June 3. Thereafter, you will need to find someone to take your place if you can’t make it to a specific class.






You may pay in one of two ways, via check or via paypal.


Via Check:


please send the payment/deposit , made out to “David Brotsky” and mail it to:



In order to get the discounted rate for a given deadline, you need to have your deposit payment postmarked by the deadlines above. $10 deposit required per person RSVP’ing.


 Via Paypal


Go to the RSVP Form here, and you will be able to pay the RSVP via paypal, and then fill out the questionnaire.


$10 deposit required per person RSVP’ing.


In order to get the discounted rate for a given deadline, you need to make your deposit payment into paypal  by the deadlines above. Deposits are not refundable after June 3 unless you secure someone to take your place.



Special Workshop Photo Project Class      

Judah is also going to offer a separate workshop, as described below. If you are interested in this option, let us know on the RSVP form and we will contact you about the dates for this workshop, which will be coordinated directly with those coming to the workshop.


 Photo Project Class       $195
Jump-start a personal photo project with valuable peer and mentor critique. Participants meet three times as a group for 1.5 hours sessions and once individually with Judah S. Harris for a 1 hour consultation about a personal photography project. Personal projects provide a focused, concentrated, and meaningful way to immerse oneself in the photographic medium. 

About the Instructor - Judah S. Harris:

When The New York Times published a half page of photos from Judah S. Harris' photo essay on a Brooklyn Matzah Bakery in late-March (on the Sunday before Passover), more than 2500 readers clicked-through to view the complete series online at his website. Judah's photography has appeared before on the pages of The NY Times, as well as in visual arts magazine profiles, advertising in multiple countries, and on the covers of more than 40 novels. He focuses on documenting Jewish life as well as many other subjects and is considered today one of the more influential photographers in the community - and an inspiring teacher able to guide both novice as well as advanced photographers.

Judah teaches groups and privately, and these May and June classes offer students a chance to study with him for significantly less than usual rates.


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