Shaker Mill Inn is in New Canaan, NY, about 130 miles from NYC, and 15 minutes from Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires. This is deceptive, because most of the journey (90 miles) is on the Taconic, which is windy and a bit slower than a major highway.


Here is how long it takes from various locations, without traffic


a) Midtown,  Upper West Side, North Jersey, Riverdale, Monsey – 2.5 hrs  to 3 hrs


b)  Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan,  Queens, & Long Island  - 3 hrs to 3.5 hours.



Candle Lighting on August 24 is 7:22 PM. However, hopefully most of you will be coming up earlier in the week.


To make sure you get there at a sensible time, not rushing and coming in 5 minutes before Shabbat, I recommend you leave at 2:00 PM  from Mid and Upper Manhattan and Northern NJ, and 1:30 from Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island. YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE LATER THAN 2:30 PM FROM ANY LOCATION. Many folks will likely come up Thursday night to make this simpler. In past years, half the group chose to do this, so you will be in good company!



The traffic will only be at the beginning from my experience, ie getting to the Taconic, which is about 30 miles north of NYC. Once on the Taconic, traffic usually moves well, just not at superhighway speeds. See below for the directions.





PLEASE PAY YOUR DRIVER DIRECTLY for gas and tolls. I have come up with a standard rate of $35, OR $17.50 EACH DIRECTION that will cover those costs. Remember, the drivers are doing us a favor, so make sure to settle up with them directly.






From Manhattan


You need to get to the Taconic State Parkway. There are several ways:


1. a) Henry Hudson North – simplest way

Henry Hudson Parkway North, to the Bronx - continue until it merges with the Saw Mill River Parkway.
Take the Saw Mill until it merges with the Taconic State Parway, North, about 30 miles north of NYC.


Stay on the Taconic for about 90 miles.

Exit the Taconic at the
Chatham Exit (the sign reads “CHATTAM, EAST CHATHAM”), which is Rt 295. THIS IS THE SECOND CHATTAM EXIT, ABOUT 2  MILES AFTER THE FIRST CHATHAM EXIT, WHICH IS LABELED “AUSTERLITZ, CHATHAM” - continue past this to the 2nd Chatham exit).  It will say, LAST EXIT ON THE TACONIC – its 2 miles or so from the end of the Taconic. This is about 20 miles after  the exit you will see for Lake Takhaganic State Park. Its also a few miles after the only gas station you will see, which is on the Northbound side.


After leaving the Taconic, make a quick LEFT onto an exit road, and go for a short distance (less than 500 feet) until you come to Route 295.


Make a Right onto RT 295 EAST.

Take Rt 295 east for about 10 miles, continue thru the town of Canaan, then soon after going through the town, you will see signs for Rt. 22, at a 4 way intersection with a light.


Make A LEFT at the light, onto Rt 22 North, at the junction of Rt. 295 and Rt. 22. The Inn is 3 miles down Rt. 22, on the right side. There is a sign, but its easy to miss. If you go to far, you will come to Rt 20, in New Lebanon. Turn around and go back!


TURN RIGHT AT the sign for the SHAKER MILL INN FARM – INGRAM PAPERNY, PROPRIETOR. At this point you can see the Shaker Mill down a short road (Cherry Lane, though you may not see a sign). Continue along for less than 200 yards, park and come in. You have arrived!


PARK in the lot about 300 feet BEFORE the INN. Do not park next to the building or go over the bridge next to the Inn. This is their neighbors and is private property.


Inside the Inn next to the steps to the 2nd floor, you will find a list with the rooms. See you there!

Shaker Mill Farm Inn
Cherry Lane, off Rte. 22, Canaan, NY



1. b) Harlem River Drive/DEEGAN EXPRESSWAY(I – 87 North) – more traffic likely on the East Side


Take The Harlem Drive, follow signs to go on the Deegan, I-87 North. Take I-87 North for about 30 miles, until you see signs for the Saw Mill River Parkway. Follow a), above




This is another way, a bit longer but often with little or no traffic once you get across the GW. FOR THOSE IN NY, ONLY TAKE THIS IF THE GW IS NOT CROWDED OR OTHER ROUTES HAVE A LOT OF TRAFFIC. Take the GW, UPPER  LEVEL, onto the PALISADES INTERSTATE PARKWAY, NORTH. Go for about 40 miles, to the traffic circle at the END of the Palisades. Follow the signs for the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Go over the Bridge. Make a LEFT at the end of the Bridge, onto Rt 9D.


Go along Rt 9D  for about 9 miles, until you come to Rt 301, in the town of Cold Spring. Make a right onto Rt 301 , go for about 5 miles, through Fahnestock State Park. You will see signs for the Taconic State Parkway. GO ONTO THE TACONIC STATE PARKWAY, and continue as above, from the Henry Hudson Parkway, under a).




I recommend listening to the radio and seeing what way has less traffic. You goal is to get to the Taconic State Parkway, about 30 miles north of NYC. The simplest way is to take the BQE to the Triborough Bridge, then follow the signs onto the Deegan Expressway, I-87. Then follow as above, under 1.a, for the Henry Hudson, North.


You can also go via the  Interboro/Jackie Robinson Parkway to the Van Wyck to Whitestone Bridge, then go on the Cross Bronx Expressway to the Bronx River Parkway, to the Sprain Brook Parkway. This eventually leads to the Taconic State Parkway. Follow as above, under 1.a, for the Henry Hudson Parkway, North.



Take the Throgs Neck or the Whitestone Bridge to the Cross Bronx Expressway, to the Bronx River Parkway, to the Sprain Brook Parkway. This eventually leads to the Taconic State Parkway. Follow as above, under 1.a, for the Henry Hudson Parkway, North.


FROM NJ AND MONSEY – Take the Palisades Interstate Parkway North (for those in NJ, this is right before you get on the George Washington Bridge, I think exit 72). Follow as above under 1.C, George Washington to the Palisdades.

Shaker Mill Farm Inn
Cherry Lane, off Rte. 22, Canaan, NY
(518) 794-9345


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