This year on Sunday July 1 and Monday July 2, 2007  have many events planned, our 4rd annual event of this type. You can do various combinations, and all events are in Southern NJ, within 2 hours of NYC.


On Sunday July 1

1) Kayaking in the NJ Pine Barrens - Sunday Morning at 7:30 AM from Manhattan, earlier from other places ( it takes 2 hours of driving to get to the place)
2) A BBQ and Bonfire in Southern NJ - Sunday Afternoon/Evening –

about 5PM
3) Overnight camping in the same place as the BBQ, then a hike on Monday



All event details are below



REGISTER BY June 19, 2007

$95 for everything, $60 for kayaking/BBQ/bonfire, $25 for BBQ/Bonfire, plus $15 transportation, paid directly to the driver.

REGISTER June 20 till June 27, 2007

$105 for everything, $70 for kayaking/BBQ/bonfire, $30 for the BBQ/Bonfire, plus $15 transportation, paid directly to the driver.

Just the BBQ, camping and hike: $40 per person plus transportation.

DRIVERS will be REIMBURSED for their expenses by their passengers.


For campers, folks who don't have a tent will also incur a $10 tent rental fee if we need to rent tents. If you have extra tents or you need me to rent you a spot in a tent, let me know via the evite.

Last year, over 50 folks came for the Sunday activities, and 25 for camping out, so many that we had to close it out...!

RSVP no later than Wednesday, June 27, 2007…AFTER REGISTERING, YOU MUST SEND A $25 CHECK TO HOLD YOUR SPOT, or send $25 via paypal to my email,


David Brotsky


See you there!


Event Details




I hope to have rides for everyone coming kayaking on Sunday, but not for those who want to come just for the BBQ and camping, or just the BBQ. You will need to have transport in order to attend these events.

1) Kayaking – one of my most favorite events. The setting is stunning- we coast along narrow streams through wharton state park, miles from civilization...surrounded by beautiful pines and blue skies...the water levels are shallow, usually 3-5 ft deep, and the streams we go in are quite narrow, not more wide than 25 ft in most places.

I HAVE NEVER KAYAKED - can I come? Yes! The kayaks are flat bottomed and easy to use - no prior lessons required - beginners are welcome. Everyone has their own kayaks…kayak website is:


Every year we get at least 10 to 20 beginners, so you are in good company. We have often had children, though I recommend they be at least 8 for a double kayak and 12 or 13 if they will paddle themselves. We will be kayaking for about 2 to 3 hours.


I PREFER A DOUBLE KAYAK – CAN YOU RENT ME ONE? Yes we can, but I strongly dissuade anyone but families with kids from renting double kayaks. The streams are narrow and tough to navigate with a long boat, and that makes it harder for anyone in a double kayak. It is truly easy kayaking, and much more fun in your own boat. Anyone but families with kids have always complained about being in a double, so please don’t ask me to rent one for you!



ARE FAMILIES WELCOME? We have often had children, though I recommend they be at least 8 for a double kayak and 12 or 13 if they will paddle themselves. We will be kayaking for about 2 to 3 hours.

Also, if you prefer, you can do something in the area and then come to the BBQ/Bonfire. I will have a family rate for that. There are events in the area for families, such as Allaire Village, with a working railroad most weekends. Ask me via email for details of events in the area and a family rate for the BBQ/Bonfire.

2) BBQ/Bonfire – This will be a full Barbecue for meat eaters and vegetarians in a secluded, private area of a NJ State Park, within 90 minutes of NYC , at the same location we will be camping. The BBQ will begin at about 5PM. The bonfire will start at about 7:30 with singing, stories and musical accompaniment. Let me know if you can bring an instrument!

3) Camping and Hiking – On Sunday Night , we will be camping at the same place as the BBQ. On Monday we will be doing a nice hike in the area, perhaps 4-6 miles long. We plan on finishing in the mid afternoon, and return back to NYC by 8pm.


lunch, 2 liters of water, hat, suntan lotion, bathing suit (optional) (you wear this underneath so you don't mind if you get wet), shoes which can get wet, a towel (optional)

a sleeping bag, tent (or we can rent you a spot), change of clothes, bug spray

good shoes, suntan lotion, hat

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